Yoga for health, completion and bliss

evaṁ prāṇamathoṅkāraṁ yasmātsarvamanekadhā।
yunakti yuñjate vāpi yasmādyoga iti smṛtaḥ ॥
ekatvaṁ prāṇamanasorindriyāṇāṁ tathaiva ca।
sarvabhāvaparityāgo yoga ityabhidhīyat ॥

“When the yogi unites his life-breath with aum or is united with the Wholein manifold ways, it is remembered as Yoga. This oneness of breath, mindand senses, the renunciation of all thoughts and feelings, this is termedyoga.”

~ maitri upaniṣad 6.25, kṛṣṇa yajur veda

What is Nithya Yoga?

Yoga  is  the  largest  practiced  religion  today  in  the  world.  Nithya  Yoga( established by Paramahamsa Nithyananda realigns yoga to its ‘original’  yogic literatures revealed by the founding fathers of  yoga – Adiyogi Mahadeva, Svatmarama –  the greatest Hatha Yogi,  Patanjali  –  the father of  Yoga system, Matsyendranatha and Gorakhnatha – the great Natha Yogis.  The current yoga system even contradicts the real yogic practices, limiting yogato mere asanas (postures) or pranayama (breathing techniques). Most of humanity has been kept away from the original, pure form of Yoga, which is the continuous‘uniting’ of the mind-body-being into the space of advaita, oneness.Being a born Yogi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda was trained on the path of yoga by the great Yogiraj Yogananda Puri (Raghupati Yogi), who carried the consciousness and body-language of Sage Patanjali. A new species of  enlightened yogis is  being created on the planet with yogic bodies  who  carry  the  5  components  of  yogic  physiology  –  physique,  strength,stamina, flexibility and energy. Yogic body is a must to be able to hold the Kundalini Shakti,  the  inner  potential  energy  and  other  mystical  powers  that  need  to  be awakened in human being for them to experience their peak human potential.

“Adiyogi Mahadeva revealed the Yoga science in ‘Shiva Agamas’ to the whole Universe as a science to awaken your Kundalini Shakti, the inner potential energy.Basically, Yoga is to awaken your Kundalini Shakti and manifest what you want as reality; ultimately merge, become one with, realize your highest spiritual identity which is – Shivoham, the experience of “I am Shiva, I am the Divine.”

– Paramahamsa Nithyananda