Vedic Technology


The Vedic Hindu civilization was extremely advanced in terms of their technology. Many of them have no equivalents and are yet to be discovered by modern science. Vedic scriptures declare that Cosmos functions on the principle of intelligence, abundance and bliss, rooted in oneness with everything that exists. When these powers are reinvented, the infinite natural resources such as power of sound, wind, fire and light, etc. will be applied for everyday living. The irreparable damages being done to bhudevi, mother earth, depleting her natural resources such as water, fuels, forests, metals, animal species adding the carbon footprints and hazardous toxic wastes will come to an end.

Vedic Universities

Naimisharanya forest

Naimisharanya – the place that does not sleep – was an ancient forest mentioned in the Puranas. It lay on the banks of the Gomati River between the Panchala Kingdom and the Kosala Kingdom. Many of the universities mentioned above came to an end around 12th century. The universities like Nalanda, Vikramashila etc were destroyed around this period during the Muslim invasion of India by the fanatic Bakhtiyar Khilji from Turkey in 1193 CE. According to DC Ahir, the destruction of these centres of learning at Nalanda and other places across northern India was responsible for the demise of ancient Indian scientific thought in mathematics, astronomy, alchemy, and anatomy.

Vedic Powers

Blindfold reading

The Nithyananda Dhyanapeeta now has hundreds of children and many adults who can see completely blindfolded. They can detect colors, shapes, and objects, and many can actually read complete books. What more, they have also started writing, coloring and painting blindfolded. This has been demonstrated now in numerous forums and validated scientifically. We now have the ability to train children below 14 years in a matter of days to get this super power. The ability to see blindfolded is a side effect of what is known in our literature as third-eye or ajna chakra awakening. The Ajna chakra – present in the space between the two eyebrows is defined as the “browsing center” where we get access to any information you want.