Blindfold Reading and Third Eye Awakening

Be prepared to be amazed! The Nithyananda Dhyanapeeta now has hundreds of children and many adults who can see completely blindfolded. They can detect colors, shapes and objects.. and many can actually read complete books. What more, they have also started writing, coloring and painting blindfolded. It is almost as if the eyes they have are redundant. This has been demonstrated now in numerous forums and validated scientifically. Not only that, we now have the ability to train children below 14 years in a matter of days to get this super power. As Swamiji says “Your kid will perform”. Watch this video of a kid showing this ability in a matter of just a few days of practice in the Inner Awakening program last year.

How is this possible?

The ability to see blindfolded is a side effect of what is known in our literature as third-eye or ajna chakra awakening. The Ajna chakra – present in the space between the two eyebrows is defined as the “browsing center” where we get access to any information you want. Think of it as a network connection to Google – where you can search for any information and have access to knowledge far beyond what you have yourself learnt. Only this is much much more powerful than Google. You can access not only facts but visuals, wisdom, ideas feelings – anything. And you are not limited by distance. You have access to the most microscopic objects as well as that of the largest galaxies and the cosmos itself. It is the access to this Third Eye that, in the ultimate step, makes you a Sarvagna – The Knower of ALL that is there to know. The Sarvagna Peeta is hence literally the seat of all knowledge.

What is the science behind this?

Science is far behind in even beginning to comprehend the truth of this and we have barely begun to scratch the surface of the possibilities here. The main reason behind establishing the Sarvagna Peeta is to study such powers that take us far beyond where mankind is today. The theory of entanglement is quantum mechanics states that all objects that are produced at the same time are entangled and affect each other irrespective of distance instantly. The whole cosmos having been produced from a single point is intricately and intensely connected. That is perhaps the basis of how the third eye functions.

What is the “practical” use of Blindfold reading?

While blindfold reading itself may not be terribly useful – except perhaps to the millions of people who don’t have eyes, what is signifies is too grand and phenomenal. It changes the way we look at the universe and it does that is a way which is irrefutable, repeatable and testable. Is shows that there are powers present in the human being that are way beyond what we have been thinking. It is just the beginning a large number of powers that are going to be reawakening in human beings. It is the way we Also blindfold reading is but only the side effect of the process of third eye awakening. Awakening the third eye gives you powers of intuition, creativity, prediction, empathy and so on. These however are slightly more difficult to quantify. However many of these are being currently studied scientifically and the results will be published soon. These powers have a direct influence on the well being of the individual and enhances the way they can contribute to society. It will raise the level of consciousness of society and eliminate many of the ills of society such as violent crimes, war, depression, addiction and so on.