•  300 aspirants initiated into the path of sannyas directly by Paramahamsa Nithyananda through the Nithyananda Sannyas Training Institute hailing from many countries, ethnicities and professions.
  • Nithyananda Order sannyasis belong to Puri sannyas order created by Adi Shankaracharya and are also part of Mahanirvani Peetha Sannyas Order.


– Paramahamsa Nithyananda also initiates seekers into being Rishis. They are the ones who seek the path of enlightenment while fulfilling their family duties, with husband and wife supporting each other on the spiritual path, while imparting spiritual education to their children.

To Happen…

  • Make sannyas a viable choice for youth of all backgrounds who seek to achieve rapid personal growth and become high-achieving global leaders.
  • Create 1 million sannyasis who live and transmit jeevan mukti (living enlightenment)
  • Establish sannyas training centers in India imparting the right vedic studies and lifestyle.

Producing powerful human beings
dharmeva hato hanta dharmo rakshati rakshitāḥ |
tasmādharmo na hantabhyo mā no dharmo hatovadhīta ||

“Those who attempt to destroy dharma, the cosmic law, are destroyed by It. Dharma protects and sustains those who are protectors of dharma. Therefore, never attempt to destroy dharma.”
~ manusmṛti, 8.15

The hallmark of Bharat (India) is ‘gifting the science of enlightenment to humanity’ through Sanatana Hindu Dharma, which belongs to the whole world. As a representative and embodiment of Sanatana Hindu Dharma, Paramahamsa Nithyananda is making Hinduism most liveable, human-friendly and dilution-proof in all dimensions. The vision is to inspire, educate and empower people who wish to live the Vedic truths, who will powerfully protect Veda Maataa (divine mother of sacred knowledge), and spread Vedic Dharma to the world in the following ways:

  • Introduce Hinduism to new aspirants for a harmonious, healthy and blissful life.
    Inspire those already practicing to be more authentic in practice.
  • Train priests and preachers (acaryas) to spread the Vedic lifestyle through rituals, powerful talks and techniques.
  • Educate and empower public personalities and spiritual leaders to live Sanatana Hindu Dharma and occupy the Hindu seats in global universities and academia.
  • Thus, the enlightened vedic civilization will be restored and taken to newer and higher conscious possibilities, as originally intended by the incarnations and Vedic Rishis.
With Sri Ashok Singhal,  former president of  Vishwa Hindu Parishad

With Sri Ashok Singhal,
former president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad

With Atal Akhada Acharya Mahamandaleshwar, Sri Shukdevanandji

With Atal Akhada Acharya Mahamandaleshwar, Sri Shukdevanandji