Ananda  Lingam  at  Vaidya  Sarovar

In  a  rare  cosmic  happening,Paramahamsa Nithyananda, an adept Siddha (perfect being of all mystic powers),has gifted humanity with the living cosmic energy through the ‘Ananda Lingam’the 21-foot Shiva Lingam that showers healing energy and enlightenment, and is the great elixir for all diseases of mind, body and soul. –  made  from  navapashanam,  the  secret  herb  combinations  of  9  medicinal substances  and  1008  herbs.  In  Siddha  tradition,  navapashanam is  a  rare medicine  prepared  in  a  special  yogic  process  of  potentiation  with  cosmic energy that only a living enlightened master holds. – rarely has humanity perfected this powerful healing science – which requires 3 concurrent happenings – the  Sthapati,  vedic architect,  the  Vaidya,  master of spiritual herbs, and an Enlightened Being who can transmit cosmic life-energy(pranapratistha)  into the deity form. 2000 years back, it  happened in Palaniwith the great Siddha Bogar.

Healing Ayurveda and Siddha Herbs

Ananda Lingam is encircled by the healing water tank called ‘Vaidya Sarovar’ thhatholds the healing powers and is surrounded by thousands of Ayurvedic and Siddha herbs that fill the air element with healing energies, to instantly heal anyone in and around this space.

Distribution  of  Ayurvedic  and Siddha medicines  to  people  during the meditation programs.


Paramahamsa  Nithyananda  is  actively  reinstating  the  vedic  medicinal  fields  of Ayurveda,  Siddha,  Naturopathy,  Varma  and  their  branches,  as  scientifically postulated  by  the  world’s  greatest  physicians  and  fathers  of  medicine  such  as Maharishi  Sushruta,  the  great  vedic  surgeon,  Acarya  Charaka  and  Maharishi Agastiyar, the father of Siddha Medicine.


Retrieve the lost vedic medicinal formulae from palm leaf manuscripts, make the medicinal  mixtures,  test  them in clinical  drug trial  laboratories  and gift  them to humanity.

Hospitals, colleges, research institutes

Build  yogic  and  vedic  hospitals  with  inpatient  treatment,  medical  colleges  and research  institutes  in  the  traditional  medicinal  fields  of:  Ayurveda,  Siddha,Naturopathy and Varma.

Restore the Vedic life sciences

  • Kamika Agama, the scripture by Lord Shiva that precisely details the knowledge,path,  behavior  and lifestyle  to  live  an  enlightened life  –  listing  daily  rituals  to occasional acts and sciences of homes, temples and communities.
  •  Jyotish,  vedic  astrology,  the  perfect  science  of  vedic  calendar  and  planetary positions.
  •  Vastu Sastra, the science of architecture and construction.

 Create large healing energy fields of Ayurvedic and Siddha herbs.