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100% babies are born with extraordinary health, immunity, good weight and grow with high IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional quotient) and SQ(spiritual quotient). ‘Zero  incidence’  of  epidural  anesthesia  in  natural  deliveriesproving painless birthing and conscious and blissful experience for the motherand child. Shorter labor periods. Significant drop in caesarian section rate. ‘Zero incidence’of post-partum depression [...]

eN Pregnancy Care

  Bringing to Life the Vedic Science of ‘Conscious Birthing’ yadi yonyāṁ pramuñcāmi sāṅkhyaṁ yogaṁ samāśraye asubhakṣayakartāraṁ phalamuktipradāyakam yadi yonyāṁ pramuñcāmi taṁ prapadye maheśvaraṁ asubhakṣayakartāraṁ phalamuktipradāyakam || “When I come out of this womb, I will take refuge in Sānkhya Yoga, whichdestroys misery and yields liberation; when I get out of this womb, I will [...]


300+ yogic techniques based on authentic yogic scriptures released. 10,000 people in 50+ countries initiated into Nithya Yoga. 600 meditation techniques from  yogic scriptures taught till now. 112 Nithya Kriyas – yogic healing solutions for mental, emotional, physical problems available freely over the internet. First time mass initiation into  108 kriyas by Paramahamsa Nithyanandain modern [...]

Nithya Yoga

Yoga for health, completion and bliss evaṁ prāṇamathoṅkāraṁ yasmātsarvamanekadhā। yunakti yuñjate vāpi yasmādyoga iti smṛtaḥ ॥ ekatvaṁ prāṇamanasorindriyāṇāṁ tathaiva ca। sarvabhāvaparityāgo yoga ityabhidhīyat ॥ “When the yogi unites his life-breath with aum or is united with the Wholein manifold ways, it is remembered as Yoga. This oneness of breath, mindand senses, the renunciation of all [...]


Ananda  Lingam  at  Vaidya  Sarovar In  a  rare  cosmic  happening,Paramahamsa Nithyananda, an adept Siddha (perfect being of all mystic powers),has gifted humanity with the living cosmic energy through the ‘Ananda Lingam’the 21-foot Shiva Lingam that showers healing energy and enlightenment, and is the great elixir for all diseases of mind, body and soul. -  made [...]

Building Hospitals & Re-establishing traditional Vedic Medicines & Sciences

Reviving Ayurveda, Siddha, Varma, Naturopathy and their branches rāgādirogān satatānuṣktānaśeṣkāya-prasr̥tānaśeṣān | autsuktaya-mohāratidāñjaghāna  yo’pūrvavaidyāya namo’stu tasmai || “Salutations be, to that primordial physician, who eliminates all diseases entirely, such as 'raaga' (desires for temporary) and other diseases whichshadow life, which are integral part of living beings, and which are causesfor  autsukya  (anxiety),  moha  (attachment),  and  arati  (restlessness [...]


Continuously producing temple structures, deities,  vahanas (vehicles of the deities), flagstaffs, temple jewelry, worship items, kavacham (sacred armors),sacred weapons, deity arches, crowns & jewelry of deities, chariots & thrones as per the Agama Shastra – the oldest available scriptural text of instructions from Lord Shiva. These sacred creations are sent to all the Nithyananda Hindu [...]

"After the third-eye awakening initiation, not only do the Balasanths (gurukul kids) read blindfolded in English, they read in languages they don't even know - like German, Hindi, Gujarati and Tamil! They even read off a sheet of paper placed elsewhere! Another huge possibility Balasanths discovered in themselves, was the science of manifesting whatever they [...]

Quantum memory activation is rapidly moving towards recalling verbatim after a single hearing (called ekashantagrahi in the vedic age) Awakening yogic powers such as communing with and commanding Nature to cause rain and rose plants to drop their thorns. 100% children initiated into Third Eye AwakeningSM, showing high intelligence, blindfolded reading, X-ray vision, clairvoyance and [...]

What is Gurukul education?

It is the original Indian Education System of Sanatana Hindu Dharma where students lived with enlightened masters from a tender age, learning the 64 vidyas - types of knowledge. Knowledge was transmitted through the very bio-memory of the master. The children emerged as spiritually anchored geniuses who radiated siddhis (mystical powers) and were high-achievers and [...]