• 300+ yogic techniques based on authentic yogic scriptures released.
  • 10,000 people in 50+ countries initiated into Nithya Yoga.
  • 600 meditation techniques from  yogic scriptures taught till now.
  • 112 Nithya Kriyas – yogic healing solutions for mental, emotional, physical problems available freely over the internet.
  • First time mass initiation into  108 kriyas by Paramahamsa Nithyanandain modern times.
  • 8 manuals published for Nithya Yoga and Nithya Kriya for adults and kids with  solutions  for  migraine,  peak  performance,  memory  problems,  chronic disorders etc.
  • Over  5 million lives enriched by Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s world tour talks on Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Shiva Sutras, other meditation programs and mass satsangs.
  • Medical  research  and  breakthroughs  in  the  field  of  yoga,  kundalini  andmeditation


  • Become the certifying authority for ‘Yoga as per the original Hindu tradition’.Certification  to  be  given  to  Yoga  teachers,  Yoga  Studios  and  Institutes worldwide, teaching Yoga authentically as mandated by vedic scriptures.
  • World’s largest library of Yogic techniques, directly authenticated by the yogic scriptures.
  • 1000s of Nithya Yoga Acaryas to be ordained to share the authentic science of Yoga with the world.
  • Globally establish Yoga as a powerful  science to  prepare the human body,mind and consciousness to live a healthy, blissful and enlightening life.