Reviving Ayurveda, Siddha, Varma, Naturopathy and their branches

rāgādirogān satatānuṣktānaśeṣkāya-prasr̥tānaśeṣān |

autsuktaya-mohāratidāñjaghāna  yo’pūrvavaidyāya namo’stu tasmai ||

“Salutations be, to that primordial physician, who eliminates all diseases entirely, such as 'raaga' (desires for temporary) and other diseases whichshadow life, which are integral part of living beings, and which are causesfor  autsukya  (anxiety),  moha  (attachment),  and  arati  (restlessness  andadversity).” ~ aṣtānga hridaya (ayurveda text), 1“Vedic tradition is all about knowledge to realize your possibility, knowledge to experience extraordinary powers, knowledge to experience health, wealth, and knowledge to experience peaceful, harmonious community living. Unlimited knowledge for health and everything to prosper is the Vedic tradition.”

– Paramahamsa Nithyananda

What are the Vedic medicinal fields?

In  Vedic  times,  the  living  sciences  of  extraordinary  medical  discoveries  took human health and longevity to unimaginable levels. Vedic tradition is the spiritual root of all medical, biological and mental health and life sciences, which approached the human mind-body as a microcosm of the universal energy and not as a separate bio-chemistry.The vedic  tradition prescribes  three ways for  extraordinary powers  to  express through  you  that  lead  you  to  enlightenment.  They  are:  mani, technique  or technology such as flying machines; mantra, sacred sounds and aushada, special herbs  or  chemicals  that  raise  the  consciousness.  The  Master’s  initiation  can instantly give enlightenment or awaken extraordinary powers in you, but the human system is not prepared to hold that cosmic energy. It is like pouring water on an inverted  pot.  The sacred  herbs  when energized  and  given  can  simply  open  the human mind-body’s nervous pathways to receive the powerful transmission by the Master.

Siddha, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Varma

Ayurveda is the most ancient science of living and longevity. Siddha gives extraordinary cures for diseases along with mystic yogic powers and wisdom. It has produced the largest number of enlightened miracle-makers in the world.

Naturopathy is naturopathic medicine.Varma is the holistic  healing science of  human nervous system, where vital points act as energy transformers or batteries.

Siddha and Ayurveda medicines are the mediums for extraordinary powers of the mind, body and being, besides holistically curing ailments. Mystic powers such as physically  appearing  and  disappearing,  materializing  sacred  herbs  and  using medicinal plants to cure any kind of disease were made into practical and usable medical  sciences.  From  the  space  of  advaita or  oneness  with  plants  and  the elementary forces of nature, these divine physicians allowed nature to reveal  its healing  properties  and  powers.  Widespread  epidemics  were  healed  just  by  the pranic powers (powers of life energy), where the vedic physicians would breathe in the infected air or spread rare herbs to heal the atmosphere and the living beings.