yadi yonyāṁ pramuñcāmi sāṅkhyaṁ yogaṁ samāśraye
asubhakṣayakartāraṁ phalamuktipradāyakam
yadi yonyāṁ pramuñcāmi taṁ prapadye maheśvaraṁ
asubhakṣayakartāraṁ phalamuktipradāyakam ||

“When I come out of this womb, I will take refuge in Sānkhya
Yoga, which destroys misery and yields liberation; when I get out
of this womb, I will take refuge in Maheśvara (Shiva), who destroys
misery and grants liberation.”
~ garbhopaniṣad (4)

What is eNPregnancySM?

In the Vedic times, conception and pregnancy was a conscious process that brought highly evolved babies to the planet.

eNPregnancySM is the revival of this Vedic science of creating a ‘New Gen’ of enlightened human beings. It empowers parents to be genetic engineers of their baby (eN Parenting program) perceiving pregnancy as a conscious choice, and not an ‘accident’.


  • 100% babies are born with extraordinary health, immunity, good weight and grow with high IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional quotient) and SQ (spiritual quotient).
  • ‘Zero incidence’ of epidural anesthesia in natural deliveries proving painless birthing and conscious and blissful experience for the mother and child.
  • Shorter labor periods.
  • Significant drop in caesarian section rate.
  • ‘Zero incidence’of post-partum depression to date.
  • 90%babies show yogic mudras (a spiritual gesture with the fingers like ‘chin mudra’ or with the whole body).
  • Techniques are established to harness the power of “epigenesis” to select the right genes during conception, which eliminates genetic transmission of diseases and behavioral patterns in the progeny.
  • Techniques includeNithyaYogaSM, NithyaKriyaSM, Science of CompletionSM, meditation, visualization techniques, mantra chanting and garbhasamvaada (communing with the unborn baby!) preparing the baby’s body with positive bio-memories which attract a highly evolved and intelligent soul at the time of delivery.
  • Periodic eNPregnancySM classes – prenatal and postnatal – for the parents (online and classroom sessions).
  • 100s of couples taking the program globally.
  • Guides doctors in effortless antenatal care and birthing.

“eNPregnancySM is a ‘cosmic airport’, a ‘cosmic welcome center’ with the required medical care and energy of enlightenment for souls entering planet earth.”


To Happen…

  • Reach the program to every pregnant woman on Planet Earth.
  • Establish a full-fledged hospital for
    eNPregnancySM care and eN Parenting.
  • Implement the program in government hospitals.
  • Work with scientists to validate the program scientifically thereby increasing receptivity in the medical, scientific and academic communities.

The activities described in this section are  presented to illustrate the depth and breadth of Sarvajnapeetha. However, please note that the activities described in this section are operated by a for profit private limited company, which will not accept donations.

Spiritual healing was given by ParamahamsaNithyananda for a fetus with a severe cardiac anomaly where a termination was suggested by doctors at 5 months of pregnancy. The couple decided to continue with the pregnancy after receiving the healing. After delivery, it was found that the newborn’s heart had completely