Granth Samadhi

Vedic Library: Largest Knowledge Collection Center in Hinduism


vidyā nāma narasya rūpamadhikam pracchannaguptam dhanam
vidyā bhogakarī yaśassukhakarī vidyā gurūṇm gurūḥ |
vidyā bandhujano videśagamane vidyām param daivatam |

“Sacred Knowledge is human’s ultimate beauty, the hidden treasure. Through knowledge, one can enjoy different happiness, success and it is the Master of all masters. During foreign travel, knowledge is our kin. Knowledge is verily the supreme divine.”

~ nītiśatakam, 20

“All jnanalaya or libraries should be called Grantha Samadhi, which means the energy center of spiritual books. Books are living deities.”



35,000 books on Hinduism collected till date across the world. Books on vedic scriptures, life sciences, philosophy, yoga, the great Incarnations and Masters, including contemporary education fields such as technology, computer science and engineering in multiple Indian and International languages.

To Happen…

  • 20 million books to be collected and stored in the world’s largest vedic library and research center, containing the Vedas, Upanishads, Agamas, Darshanas, Puranas, Itihasas and Smrti and worshipped as the embodiment of knowledge.
  • Free internet access to the vast vedic knowledge.
  • Large scale preservation, restoration and digitisationof palm leaf scriptures.
  • Printing the vedic knowledge on palm leaves.

be a part of preserving     Vedic Knowledge

Cost Estimate        INR 100 crores