It is the original Indian Education System of Sanatana Hindu Dharma where students lived with enlightened masters from a tender age, learning the 64 vidyas – types of knowledge. Knowledge was transmitted through the very bio-memory of the master. The children emerged as spiritually anchored geniuses who radiated siddhis (mystical powers) and were high-achievers and world leaders. Nithyananda GurukulSM is fast reviving the gurukul education in its entirety not only in India but around the world, spearheaded by living incarnation Paramahamsa Nithyananda.



  • Standard academics, along with Nithya YogaSM, mallakhamba (pole yoga), rope yoga, dhanur vidya (archery), dhyana (meditation), akhada (traditional gym), veda parayana (vedic chanting), natya-nataka-sangeeta-shilpa-citrakala (all forms of traditional performing arts and fine arts), vakyartha sadas (spiritual discussions for life solutions), puja vidhi (worship and rituals) and life style as per the Agama Shastra.
  • Whole brain learning, stress-free, zero teen violence or aggression.
  • 50% children are at 1 to 3 years ahead of their grades, giving their Class X Board Exams before 15 years.
  • 35% children have IQ scores above 130 – ‘gifted’ category as per SLOSSON IQ score.