• Quantum memory activation is rapidly moving towards recalling verbatim after a single hearing (called ekashantagrahi in the vedic age)
  • Awakening yogic powers such as communing with and commanding Nature to cause rain and rose plants to drop their thorns.
  • 100% children initiated into Third Eye AwakeningSM, showing high intelligence, blindfolded reading, X-ray vision, clairvoyance and more.
  • 30% children spontaneously play musical instruments without formal lessons.
  • 100% children produce creative temple arts like deity making, alankar (deity decoration), planning and building children’s temples, making deity jewelry and art.
  • 100% children organize and conduct their own temple rituals around the year.
  • Established schools in Bidadi, Tiruvannamalai and Chennai teaching 250 children.
  • 1000s of children taught through Nithyananda Bala Vidyalayas (weekend gurukul education) worldwide.
  • India’s first-ever television show with daily spiritual debates and life solutions presented entirely by children!



Blindfold reading by Nithyananda GurukulSM kids at Kanchi Shankara Mutt in the presence of His Holiness Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal and His Holiness Sri Thondai Mandala Adeenam Guru Maha Sannidhanam


Blindfold reading at Business Advocacy Summit, Washigton D.C., USA


Children read and write wearing opticlude orthoptic eye patches to demonstrate the power of Third Eye AwakeningSM


To Happen…

  • 50,000 residential students and 10,000 non-residential students in Nithyananda GurukulSM in Bangalore ashram.
  • 10,000 gurukuls to be established worldwide (work underway in Rajapalayam, Hosur, Salem, Chennai, Erode, Seeragapadi, Rasipuram, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Baroda, Pondicherry and Varanasi in India).
  • Full-fledged Vedic University with 5000 teachers and modern infrastructure.
  • Gurukul students to emerge as the new generation of enlightened beings holding early Ph.D degrees and carrying extraordinary knowledge, powers and solutions for the planet.
  • Nithyananda Bala Vidyalaya (weekend gurukul) classes to reach 108 countries in the next 5 years. (Work underway in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Oman and Singapore).
  • All villages of India to have the gurukul way of education.




be a part of reviving

the Authentic Indian Education System

Cost Estimate

 INR 300 crores