At the heart of Vedic tradition and Hindu life is the sacred tradition of temples, the energy centers where the Divine resides. Any human settlement in vedic civilization has flourished around temples making Hinduism, a temple-based civilization of celebratory traditions. Each temple is an energy circuit created by an enlightened master or incarnation and retains that energy for thousands of years. Temple rituals are processes to invoke and radiate different energies.


Incarnations bring down enormous cosmic energy which is stored in temples and radiated to the planet for mankind to experience enlightenment, and also to bring healing, divine powers and fulfillment of desires.

Further, in Hinduism, there is no idol worship. Worship happens ‘through’ idols. Everything, from education, architecture, lifestyle or celebrations, are based on temples. Vedic temples were always maintained through donations from royal patrons and individuals, thus creating huge merits (punya) for the donors. The temples were given money, gold, silver, livestock and land by the patrons. Such donations keep the vital source of vedic tradition alive and enriching till date


Paramahamsa Nithyananda has established temples all over the world inspiring millions of people to live, learn and benefit from the Vedic tradition.