Vedic wisdom through the internet

Most watched spiritual master online with 19 million Youtube views

AntarjalamnayaPeetha, the seat of knowledge through the internet, will take Sarvajnapeetha to new levels of accessibility reaching the knowledge to billions worldwide.



  • org is the largest repository of spiritual content on the internet including dedicated websites for yoga, meditation, nithyakriyas (108 yogic techniques for healing diseases), guaranteed life solutions and more.
  • 2-way video (nayanadeeksha) streaming over internet of meditation programs and talks using latest teleconferencing technologies.
  • 250+ books on Hinduism available freely online.
  • 3000+ hours of ParamahamsaNithyananda’s talks available freely online on
  • tv is a 24-hour web streaming channel that telecasts ParamahamsaNithyananda’s teachings on Hinduism, watched daily in 200 cities in 40 countries.

To Happen

  • 20 million books in the granthsamadhi (vedic library) to be available on internet. It will allow students to learn from a Vedic University remotely from anywhere. 10 times more number of students will learn Hinduism through the internet remotely.
  • Bring together millions of Hindu organizations worldwide – temples, ashrams, activist groups, cultural centers, universities etc. into a single website entity to share and spread the vedic knowledge.
  • Create a translation platform for scholars to collaborate online and translate the original Sanskrit texts into multiple languages.