300 aspirants initiated into the path of sannyas directly by Paramahamsa Nithyananda through the Nithyananda Sannyas Training Institute hailing from many countries, ethnicities and professions. Nithyananda Order sannyasis belong to Puri sannyas order created by Adi Shankaracharya and are also part of Mahanirvani Peetha Sannyas Order. RISHI ORDER (OR INITIATED HOUSEHOLDERS) - Paramahamsa Nithyananda also [...]

Awakening peak human potential

Sannyas & Rishi Order uttiṣṭhata jāgrata prāpya varān nibodhata | kṣurasya dhārā niśitā duratyayā durgam pathas tat kavayo vadanti || “Arise! Awake! Wake up your Self and awaken others! Approach the great Awakened Ones till you awaken and manifest your Complete Self.Sharp as the blade of a razor is that path (of living advaita), so declare the [...]


Continuously producing temple structures, deities,  vahanas (vehicles of the deities), flagstaffs, temple jewelry, worship items, kavacham (sacred armors),sacred weapons, deity arches, crowns & jewelry of deities, chariots & thrones as per the Agama Shastra – the oldest available scriptural text of instructions from Lord Shiva. These sacred creations are sent to all the Nithyananda Hindu [...]

Preserving and proliferating Sacred Arts-Nithyananda Sacred Arts

Nithyananda Sacred Arts Awakening the World to the Splendor of Indian Temple Arts Awakening the World to the Splendor of Indian Temple Artsśilpaṁ hāsminnadhigamyat ya evaṁ veda | yadeva śilpānī | ātmasanskṛtirvāva śilpāni cchandomayaṁ vā etairyajamāna ātmānaṁ sanskurute || “Shilpāni, works of art of man, is the imitation of divine forms. By employing their rhythms, the [...]

Svayambhu Nithyanandeshwara Temple – Golden Temple, Bangalore, India

In 2014, under the direct auspices of living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, construction began at the existing Nithyanandeshwara Temple at Bidadi ashram, for building the world’s largest Shiva temple, which is the first golden temple built for Lord Shiva in the modern era. The temple is being constructed as per the Agama Shastras, the perfect scriptures [...]