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100% babies are born with extraordinary health, immunity, good weight and grow with high IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional quotient) and SQ(spiritual quotient). ‘Zero  incidence’  of  epidural  anesthesia  in  natural  deliveriesproving painless birthing and conscious and blissful experience for the motherand child. Shorter labor periods. Significant drop in caesarian section rate. ‘Zero incidence’of post-partum depression [...]

eN Pregnancy Care

  Bringing to Life the Vedic Science of ‘Conscious Birthing’ yadi yonyāṁ pramuñcāmi sāṅkhyaṁ yogaṁ samāśraye asubhakṣayakartāraṁ phalamuktipradāyakam yadi yonyāṁ pramuñcāmi taṁ prapadye maheśvaraṁ asubhakṣayakartāraṁ phalamuktipradāyakam || “When I come out of this womb, I will take refuge in Sānkhya Yoga, whichdestroys misery and yields liberation; when I get out of this womb, I will [...]