Ananda  Lingam  at  Vaidya  Sarovar In  a  rare  cosmic  happening,Paramahamsa Nithyananda, an adept Siddha (perfect being of all mystic powers),has gifted humanity with the living cosmic energy through the ‘Ananda Lingam’the 21-foot Shiva Lingam that showers healing energy and enlightenment, and is the great elixir for all diseases of mind, body and soul. -  made [...]

Building Hospitals & Re-establishing traditional Vedic Medicines & Sciences

Reviving Ayurveda, Siddha, Varma, Naturopathy and their branches rāgādirogān satatānuṣktānaśeṣkāya-prasr̥tānaśeṣān | autsuktaya-mohāratidāñjaghāna  yo’pūrvavaidyāya namo’stu tasmai || “Salutations be, to that primordial physician, who eliminates all diseases entirely, such as 'raaga' (desires for temporary) and other diseases whichshadow life, which are integral part of living beings, and which are causesfor  autsukya  (anxiety),  moha  (attachment),  and  arati  (restlessness [...]