The celebrative lifestyle for enlightenment


“Vedic lifestyle is millions of years of research and development with more than 10 million inner world scientists working full-time on the inner world science, following the technology and strength of the Vedic culture, and there were only 0.6 % registered psychiatric patients and 0.6% depression! It was not a holiday or weekend religion. It was ‘everyday congregation’!”


ParamahamsaNithyananda is reinstating the vedic lifestyle breathing life into all its sacred truths lived as eternal festivals, customs, clothing, rituals, food and art while educating humanity about the right context for each practice. It is a conscious way of living, kept alive and growing by practice. Vedic artefacts are gathered from antique shops, refurbished and used in everyday living. Today, people across all cultures are increasingly embracing the Vedic way of living.

 Annalaya – Serving free food

Food is vital in vedic lifestyle for growing the human consciousness. NithyanandaAnnalayas cook high-energy satvikayurvedic food as per Hindu PaakaShastra (science of Vedic cooking) in all the ashrams and programs. Food is cooked as ‘Mahaprasad’ (food for the Divine) with vedic chants and first energized and offered to the Divine.

  • 2 million free meals served a year, managed by volunteers and devotees.
  • Free food served at all ashrams, disaster relief areas, free medical camps, kumbhamelas etc.
  • Working towards serving organicfood (pesticide-free food).


the sacred home for cows kamadhenu_cow_04-1

dhenavaḥdhanaḥūrjamasmevishvaḥduhanātantu ||

 “May the cows forever bestow you with the wealth of their nutritious and energy-giving secretions.”

~ atharvaveda (18.4.34)

In Vedic tradition, gau or dhenu (cow) is the loving mother of all beings and is Bhudevi, mother earth incarnate. Hindu scriptures extol the divine ‘kamadhenu’ wish-fulfilling cow goddess, and all cows on planet earth are earthly embodiments of her. All thirty-three crore gods reside in a cow and they are the refuge of all-auspiciousness, strength and abundance. They bestow all kinds of happiness, nourishment, prosperity and are ever worshipped. Every home, ashram, hermitage in Vedic times had the loving presence of cows, and gifting cows to Brahmanas, twice-born sages was the ultimate offering of wealth that brought huge punya, merits to people.

Cows are the fruit of all Vedic ceremonies because all sacred rituals are dependent on cow’s gifts such as ghee (clarified butter), which enrich the whole existence. All secretions from a cow, including cow urine and cow dung is sacred and great elixir for many ailments and diseases. It is customary for vedic homes and temples to coat the floors with gomaya, cow dung to purify environment and invite all divine energies.


  • The Goshala at Nithyananda ashram nurtures
    36 cows in white, brown and black colors.
  • Cows are milked twice a day, providing the nectarine milk for temple and gurukul and the gomaya (cow dung) is used for making compost.

To Happen… 

  • The divine fragrance from a Goshala is the pure vedic experience and reaffirms the vedic revival. Anything given to a cow always brings supreme fortune for she selflessly gives everything to enrich all. There is no gift higher in merit than gifting and lovingly protecting the divine cows. We are committed to:
  • A large Goshala of 1000 cows and create a huge infrastructure for cows to live happily as per the Vedic injunctions of Kamika Agama.
  • Protect cows from inhuman slaughter. Cow protection is the greatest dharma of all beings, for cows are the perennial root of Sanatana Dharma.
  • Promote and spread pancagavya products, the 5 sacred products from dugdha (nectarine cow milk), gouteertha (cow urine), goumaya (cow dung), ghee (clarified butter) and curd – which have infinite satvik benefits. Cow products are scientifically proven to cure many diseases of mind-body that no other medicines can cure.
  • Create awareness in humanity to support Goshala and cowpathy.

    be a part of  reinstating       Vedic Lifestyle             Goshala              Cost Estimate      INR 50 crores

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