Nithyananda Galleria ( is growing to be a one stop shop for Hinduism. It currently offers:

  • Nithyananda’s insightful messages on video, audio tapes, CD’s and books
  • Enchanting music for meditation & deep inner healing.
  • Energized rosaries, bracelets, photographs, clothing & gift items for stimulating life style
  • Ethnic energy bead jewelry for men and women for tranquility and continued high energy
  • Guidance on picking the right rudrakshbead for wearing,based on the person’s horoscope, birthstar, mental setup etc. to achievehealth, wealth, success in life or whatever the personis seeking.

The activities described in this section are  presented to illustrate the depth and breadth of Sarvajnapeetha. However, please note that the activities described in this section are operated by a for profit private limited company, which will not accept donations.