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Personalized life solutions and spiritual counselling


tasmāc chāstraṁ pramāṇṁ te kāryākārya-vyavasthitau
jñātvā śāstra-vidhānoktaṁ karma kartum ihārhasi

“Threfore let the scriptures be the authority and evidence (śāstraṁ pramāṇaṁ]
in determining what is to be done and what is not to be done; having known
what is declared in ordinance of the scriptures (śāstra-vidhāna), you should act
here in this world.”
~ srimad bhagavad gita, 16.24


  • Callers from 50 countries are continuously answered through 8 spoken languages by trained sannyasis and spiritual aspirants.
  • 4 lakh lives enriched through 30,000 calls per month.
  • Solutions offered are four-fold: knowledge solutions (jnanapada), yogic solutions (yoga pada), ritual-based solutions (kriyapada), and lifestyle and behavior solutions (caryapada) to overcome problems in health, relationships, wealth, addictions, career, education and understanding of life itself.
  • Spiritual healing and prayer service given over the phone.
  • Temple rituals such as pujas, arcanas, homas, abhisekams undertaken for callers and their family.
  • Sophisticated cloud-based communication technology to receive calls.

To Happen…

  • Become the single largest worldwide source for vedic life solutions through a mere phone call, email, or internet contact point, be it for ‘when to start a business’, or ‘how to handle depression’ or ‘life and death matters’.
  • 100,000 questions to be answered per day.

be a part of Building      Vedic call centers

 Cost Estimate        INR 250 crores

“It will be the world’s largest vedic call center offering healing, life solutions and answers from Hindu scriptures with the original scriptural reference to anyone calling from anywhere in the world for any problem!”
– ParamahamsaNithyananda