Over the last 500 years, much of the sacred knowledge, education system, lifestyle and the original body-language of Sanatana Hindu Dharma got diluted, lost and destroyed by the systematic attempts of the foreign invaders to rule over Vedic India. The foreign invaders destroyed the marvelous cultural architecture, temples and deities and plotted a massive cultural genocide against Vedic India accomplishing the following:

Destroy the Indian Gurukul system of education – the backbone of Vedic India that produced the earlier enlightened civilization. There were atleast 2 lakh gurukuls which the invaders destroyed.

Destroy the temples, plunder the wealth, mutilate the history, spirituality, sociology, sciences and faith of India by fabricating and misrepresenting the vedic history, its language and its temple-based and education-based civilization.

Make the Hindus ashamed of their own vedic heritage and turn them into cultural orphans, solely depending on the foreign rulership and the so-called foreign superior culture.

Seize the vast Sanskrit manuscripts, steal the scientific knowledge from it, destroy the originals and reprint wrong interpretations of the same thus belittling the authenticity and theme of the vedic texts.

Following is the letter written by Macaulay, a historian and politician in 1835 triggering the systematic cultural genocide of Vedic India:



Following is an extract from the diary of Max Muller who was appointed to wrongly translate the theme of the Vedas:


The Divine knowledge of Vedic India would have continued to benefit the aspirants of truth and peacefully lead humanity into spiritual evolution. The cultural invaders damaged significant cultural heritage in three areas – the philosophy, the language, and the lifestyle. Yet, all of these demonic attempts did not destroy the spirit of the Vedic Tradition, for the Enlightened Consciousness happens again and again in the form of Enlightened Masters and Incarnations to restore and uphold the Dharma.