“After the third-eye awakening initiation, not only do the Balasanths (gurukul kids) read blindfolded in English, they read in languages they don’t even know – like German, Hindi, Gujarati and Tamil! They even read off a sheet of paper placed elsewhere!

Another huge possibility Balasanths discovered in themselves, was the science of manifesting whatever they wanted into reality. A few Balasanths aspired to see Swamiji and make it rain, so they simply declared this and blew some vibhoothi (sacred ash). Miraculously, a few minutes later, Swamiji himself walked in and blessed everyone, following which there was heavy rains!

Further this week, several fifth graders got promoted to tenth grade, to take the board exams! Due to Third Eye Awakening, unimaginable intelligence has opened up in all the Balasanths.

Being Swamiji’s own kids, Balasanths never deny an opportunity to heal others of pain and suffering with their Atma Linga given by Swamiji. Balasanths also enjoy showering love on animals like rabbits, birds, etc, which they take care of passionately .”

– Sharanya Sridhar,

a student from Nithyananda Gurukul


The Time tested
Vedic Pedagogy

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